strona główna


Our main theme this year will be - Polish wildlife. On 21st of April we will organise a main out-door event "Picnic Earth Day `2002" in the centre of Warsaw. The participants will be: the representatives of Polish National Parks and National Forests. We would like to introduce them to common public.
We plan also many other additional events:




Green Arguments for Warsaw



Environmental Ethics at the beginning of the 21st century



8th National Conference (2nd International) "Ecological Education in Nature"



"National Parks today and tomorrow"- seminar concerning Polish National Parks



Genetically Modified Organism in food - seminar





A human being - energy - environment



Workshop for young journalist



Seminar for young leaders of environmental protection



Wildlife Protection Course



Laboratory of Creative Education Workshop - organised by Centre Contemporary Art.





For Earth, for Yourself - Become Earth Friend



Green Certificate for schools and kindergartens



Competition for the most ecologically oriented communities of Mazovia`s  Region



Ecological celebrity of the year - competition



23 Green Points on the Polish Map - art. Competition abut Polish National Parks



Alliance with Nature - "ecological theatres" - competition



"Mazovia`s Region water supplies"- internet quiz



Photographic competition "Polish National Parks"





Ceramic exhibition "From Nature - for Culture"



Photographic  exhibition "Polish National Parks" and " Echoes of the Mazovia  Forest"



Exhibition of flowers and plants



Exhibition of the stones, minerals and fossils





Ecological agriculture



Ecological fair








Polish National Parks`s Route - presentation of 16 Parks



Game. "Nature's route - Culture's route" - ecological installation



A tree for glass waste and paper scrap



Sport and recreation



Safety first - show



Theatre on Earth, Theatre for Earth



Workshops of forest



NGO`s presentation



Land of Earth's Little Friends



Young Ecologist



Festival Green Mazovia





Earth Day Network



Earth Day Cinema